Free School Meals & Universal Free School Meal Entitlement

As you will be aware, all children in Reception, Year One and Year Two are entitled to a free school meal under the Governments Universal Free School Meals Scheme.

However, what is not as well known is the 'Free School Meal' Entitlement for children from lower-income families, which comes with extra benefits for both the family and school in supporting the child.
If eligible, this will enable your child to access free school meals until the finish of their secondary education with no need to 're-apply' at any stage - it will also entitle you to any extra help that the Government may offer during non-term time (for example, the supermarket voucher offer that was available to all free school meal children during the first lockdown).

The school will also benefit from pupils who have this entitlement in the form of Pupil premium funding - this is paid to school and enables us to provide additional resources and opportunities for those pupils - to see how we have spent our previous entitlements, click here