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PGL Trip 2019

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Kit List

  • Nightwear and Dressing Gown/Onesie
  • Several changes of underwear & socks
  • 2 or more fleeces/jumpers
  • 4 or more long sleeved T Shirts
  • 4 or more pairs of old trousers - NOT JEANS - (including one pair for evenings)
  • Shorts (warm weather)
  • Wetsuit shoes for water-based activities (or old trainers)
  • Trainers for dry activities (ideally two pairs)
  • Waterproof Jacket
  • Waterproof trousers
  • Hat & Gloves

Other essentials

  • Sleeping bag and pillow
  • Wash bag and toiletries
  • At least two towls
  • Labelled plastic bages/bin liners (for wet clothing)
  • Plastic bottle of drinks
  • Sun hat/Suncreen
  • Small rucksack of day use (big enough to fit change or clothes, dry shoes & towel)
  • Purse/Wallet for spending money
  • Disposable Camera (Optional)
  • Take plenty of clothing in case of wet weather. Please note that clothing should be old. PLEASE LABEL EVERYTHING WITH YOUR CHILD'S NAME

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