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Frequently Asked Questions


I need someone else to pick up my child from school/change which side of school they are to be collected from – what do I do?
Please call the school office on 01384 818600 before 2.30pm and let us know who will be picking up your child;
In Key Stage 1, the person nominated must know the password for your child and their name must also be on the ‘pink’ safeguarding form that you completed at the start of the school year.  No one under the age of 14 can collect your child.  If we are ever in any doubt, we will not release your child until we have contacted you.
In Key Stage 2, please call us and give us the name of the person that will collect your child and by what name your child knows them – i.e. Uncle Johnny.  We will check this information with the child and again, if we are in any doubt, we will not release your child until we have contacted you.

I think that my child may be eligible for free school meals, what do I do?
You can either pick up a form from the school office, or we can assist you, if needed, to apply on line here:


Can I take my child out of school for a doctors/dentist appointment?
We do ask that, wherever possible, any routine appointments are made outside of school hours.  However, for any more urgent appointments, please let the school office know what time your child will be collected, and we can pass a message on to the class teacher.


My child isn’t well enough to attend school, what do I do?
Please call the office on 01384 818600 and leave a message on our dedicated absence line before 9.30am, it would also be helpful to let us know if your child was due to attend any after-school clubs and we can pass the message on.


Are there any spaces in Breakfast or After School (OSCA) Club? 
For any queries relating to breakfast and/or after school club please call school on 01384 818600, or, during club hours 0778 335 0079.


What time is the school office open?
The school office is open during term-time from 8.30am – 4.15pm (4.00pm on Fridays)


I’ve been held up and will be late to collect my child, what do I do?
We understand that on very rare occasions you may be held up, it is very important that the school office know as soon as possible, and you give us an estimated time of your arrival.  We will fill out a late collection form, as all late collections are monitored. We will ensure that your child is safe until they can be collected.


I want to see my child’s teacher, what should I do?
If you bring your child to school, you could ask for a message to be passed on to the child’s teacher.  Alternatively, if you call the school office, they will be happy to send a message to the class teacher on your behalf.


Some of my contact details have changed, what do I do?
Just ask at the school office for a ‘change of details form’, when this has been completed and returned, we will ensure that our records are updated.

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