Gig Mill Primary School

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Uniform is available online now from County School Wear - please click here to visit the website

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All pupils are expected to wear uniform and the help and co-operation of parents is appreciated. It also encourages togetherness and ownership. 

We believe ths helps to promote a positive ethos and sense of belonging.  The children are proud to wear their green Gig Mill uniform. 

Girls – school uniform                                     

Green or grey pinafore dress
Green or grey skirt, culottes or trousers
White blouse
Green sweater or cardigan
Green sweatshirt with school logo
White polo shirt with logo
Small check gingham dress in green and white
Green tie with yellow stripe
Suitable hair bands and bobbles
Socks: white
Sensible school shoes – no boots or strappy sandals     











Boys – school uniformhalfwidth_ODUniform.jpg

Grey short or long trousers
White shirt
Green tie with yellow stripe
Green sweater
Green sweatshirt with school logo
White polo shirt with school logo
Sensible school shoes 

Boys and Girls PE Uniform:

All children need a drawstring bag to hold:

            Plain black shorts

            Plain T- Shirts in house colour

Plimsolls, black for indoor PE – with an elastic gusset for the younger children.

            Trainers for outside PE Yr 3-6

            Track suit for cold weather 

No jewellery is allowed to be worn in school with the exception of a wrist watch. For children with pierced ears one set of plain studs may be worn, but must be removed at home before school on PE days unless children can remove them themselves. Staff are not allowed to remove ear rings.

We recommend that children with long hair have it tied back. 

All clothing needs to be clearly marked with the owner’s name. The school cannot accept responsibility for any loss, or damage to, individual property.

Lost property is kept in the lower school corridor and the link corridor in upper school. All unclaimed items will be displayed before final disposal.

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