Gig Mill Primary School

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Sports Premium

At Gig Mill, we received in funding for Sports Premium:-

2013/2014 - £6,156; 
2014/2015 - £9,761;
2015/2016 - £10.235;
2016/2017 - £10,265;
2017/2018 - £16,387;
2018/2019 - £20,760

The Government has provided schools with a PE and Sports Grant, aimed at improving provision of PE and Sport, so that all pupils develop healthy lifestyles.

The grant received by the school is being used to:

  • further develop teaching and learning in PE through developing staff expertise;
  • improve resources to support the development of the subject;
  • increase pupils' participation in sports and physical activities;
  • increase opportunities for pupils to take part in a range of competitive sports;
  • provide the opportunity for pupils to try new sports;
  • provide a wide variety of after school clubs including football, street dance, yoga and scooter hockey;
  • Equipment (e.g. balance bikes);
  • Subsidy for swimming lessons; 
  • Transport to events/competitions

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"The school uses its sports funding to provide a wide range of sporting activities,
both in physical education lessons and after school.  It employs specialist swimming instructors and all pupils have swimming lessons.  Pupils say they enjoy these lessons, participation is high and pupils leave the school being able to swim"  OfSTED - Sept.13 

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