Meet the Staff


Mrs A Hannaway (Designated Safeguarding Lead)


Deputy Head:                                   
Mrs S Griffiths


Assistant Heads:
Mrs N Powell (Teaching and Learning, Maths Lead and Designated Safeguarding Lead)
Mrs A Suchomski (Inclusion Leader, SENCo and Designated Safeguarding Lead)


School Business Manager:                               
Mrs A Payne


Senior Administrator
Mrs M James


Miss B Horton (OSCA Club)
Mrs N Ellett (Part time)


Mrs C Heritage


Site Managers: 
Mr A Green
Mr R Watson

Nursery Teachers:                      
Mrs R Scorer/Mrs M McLaughlin

Reception Teachers: 
Miss D Carpenter (Foundation Stage Leader)
Mrs J Dudley/Mrs S Smith

Miss H Whitehead

Year One Teachers: 

Miss N Hatton

Miss K McMahon

Miss H Deery

Year Two Teachers: 
Mr M Bottoms
Mrs L Dunn (KS 1 Leader) 
Miss S Moore


Year Three Teachers:   
Mrs A Burke/Mrs N Kumar

Mrs C Franklin

Mrs R Foster/Mrs H Glover


Year Four Teachers:  

Mrs C Anderson (Lower KS2 Leader)

Mrs K Trigg

Mr N Flack

Year Five Teachers:
Miss T Kamudu (Phase Leader across KS2)

Mrs G Rumble

Mr T Withers

Year Six Teachers:

Miss J Wilcox

Mrs H Daniels (Upper KS2 Leader)/Mrs E Griffin

Mr D Jones 

ASD Base:
Mrs J Jackson (Base Leader)


ASD Base Support Staff:
Mrs A Bayliss

Mrs A Bromage-Griffiths

Mrs W Donnelly (Higher Level Teaching Assistant)

Mrs A Skelding

Mr C Stokes

Planning, Preparation and Assessment Support Cover Teachers:
Mr D Walter (Maths Intervention Groups)
Mrs R Jennings

Mrs S Brookes
Mrs Z Savage
Mrs J Priestley (Maternity Leave)

Teaching Assistant Team:

Mrs S Allport (Higher Level Teaching Assistant)

Miss R Dugmore
Mrs M Evans
Mrs J Garratt (Higher Level Teaching Assistant/Designated Safeguarding Lead/Parental Liaison)
Mrs L Gower
Mrs P Hesselgrove

Mrs S Hillman

Mrs J Kendall
Mrs K Lane 

Mrs V Liptrot
Ms D Matthews
Mrs R Mills

Mrs S Pearce-Jones
Mrs L Petford
Mrs A Potter
Mrs A Sandel
Miss T Skelding
Mrs H Smithyman

Mrs K Stevens (Higher Level Teaching Assistant)
Miss L Williams

OSCA Club (Out of School Activities):
Mrs G Ainsworth (Designated Safeguarding Lead and Deputy Manager)
Miss T Skelding (Deputy Manager)

Miss L Howell

Miss D Matthews

Swim School Staff:
Ms R Davies - Swim School Lead
Miss E Batham
Ms T Guest
Ms S Macleod
Ms J McDonald
Ms S Morgan
Ms L Pay
Mr J Piggott-Denison
Mr S Taylor-Bould
Ms A Weetman
Mr C Westley
Ms R Woodhouse

School Cook:
Mrs J Hill


Lunchtime Assistants:
Mrs Backhouse

Mrs Harris

Miss Dean

Mrs Pearce-Jones

Mrs Franks

Mrs Birch

Mrs Lay

Ms Hackett


Miss L Howell

School Cleaners:

Mrs A Dean
Mrs E Green

Mrs A Harris
Ms W Taylor

Mrs J Franks

Mrs J Whitehouse

Peripatetic Staff:

Teaching Staff of Dudley Music Services

School Health Advisor:
Ms L Deveraux