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Houses & House Captains

We have four teams at Gig Mill Primary School. These are Beech (Blue), Cedar (Yellow), Maple (Red) and Oak (Green).

All children are in a house team from Reception through to year six and siblings are always in the same team. Children earn housepoints for all sorts of things - for example, perservering when faced with a challenge, working hard in class, being polite and helpful and for being kind.

When twenty housepoints have been collected, children receive their bronze award. Five bronze awards earn a silver award and three silver awards equals a gold award!

Our children also have the opportunity to take part in House Team events - e.g. sports days and inter-house competitions. Each House Team selects a boy and a girl House Captain from Year 6 and these pupils are given additional responsibilities such as helping organise sports days.

Beech - House Captains - Joe & Tegan
Beech - Vice Captains - Zak & Dolly

Cedar - House Captains - Ben & Ania'h
Cedar - Vice Captains - Eben & Alys

Maple - House Captains - Oscar & Mollie
Maple - Vice Captains - Leon & Isla

Oak - House Captains - Theo & Anna
Oak - Vice Captains - Omari & Tianna

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