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Celebrating success at Gig Mill


It seems like a lifetime ago that we had our inspection – but it was only in March just before lockdown which has effectively put the process on hold. It was the first full OFSTED inspection since 2013, and under a new inspection framework which was introduced in September 2019. The team of 5 inspectors spent 2 intensive days in school speaking to staff, children, parents and governors, visiting lessons and looking at our work in depth. We are delighted to finally share our report with you, now that it’s out of “quarantine”.


Good news! Please see our report below, prior to publication by OFSTED later this week. The report reflects the positive journey of school over the past 6 years and the improvements made year on year.  From 2014 when I joined Gig Mill as Headteacher, it is really exciting to see that areas identified as needing improvement are now identified areas of best practice, and the work of the team at Gig Mill has been recognised in the report.


“Exciting storytelling by teachers develops a love of reading.”


“Behaviour is exceptional”


“Mathematics is a strength.”


“Children make an exceptional start in early years.”


The biggest success is that both this OFSTED team, and the previous team in 2018 recognised that the school motto and values are very much part of school life, and that children at Gig Mill do well.


“‘Together we care, together we succeed’ is more than just a motto at Gig Mill Primary. It drives exciting lessons and interactions that enrich the lives of pupils. Pupils love to learn, and staff expect the very best outcomes from them. Leaders, staff and pupils work together to aim for a community where pupils matter and thrive.”


How fabulous to have achieved 3 good and 2 outstanding judgements! Congratulations to all involved in this fantastic achievement!


Mrs. A. Hannaway



The Governors are tremendously proud of our children, our staff and our leaders to have achieved this. In a very new and untested framework everyone has responded brilliantly, worked really hard and most importantly helped and supported each other.


“Inspirational leadership and caring staff continually drive improvements. All are determined to make sure that every child gets the very best from their time at Gig Mill.”


Our school is a happy, safe place where children thrive and learn in a very good way. We see these values every day in our children and the Inspectors saw this too. This really is something that we can all feel a sense of achievement about. Well Done Gig Mill Primary School!!”


Mr Dominic Edgar

Chair of Governors

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