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Keeping Children Safe Online - click for further information and links on keeping your child safe when using the internet.

Thinkuknow - Online Safety Activities

RM Unify- Log in at home using your school login details. This allows them to use any of the programs we have on unify at home - possibilities include Purple Mash, J2e - coding J2code and animation programs (Spotlight), presenting tools and spelling.

BBC Bitesize - Daily lessons released for Maths and English for all year groups, as well as
regular lessons in Science, History, Geography and more.


TTRockstars - Table table practice

Top Marks - Activities for all maths areas

Mr Walter's Key Stage 1 Mathematical Games - from Nrich website 
Notes for parents available here (please read first!)

Maths on the Move - Home Challenge - Activities you can do at home to combine physical
activities and maths together - including Trail sheet

Hit the button - Quick fire maths facts game

Maths Year Two

Transum - Maths puzzles and games

Classroom Secrets

Oxford Owl

Telling the Time to the nearest 15 minutes analogue and digital clocks

Year Two Maths Activities - Compiled by Miss Davies - lots of ideas that are easy to do at home.

Irresistible Learning

Animal groups


Top Marks

Birmingham Wildlife Conservation Park

Plants Topic - BBC

YPTE - Lesson Plans

The Great Plant Escape


Activity Ideas linked to plants topic


English Activities - non-screen ideas from Miss Davies

Top Marks - English Games

Storytime online - online stories, mostly for younger children

Classroom Secrets - Grammar and Punctuation

Year Two


Interactive e-books to read through at home

Literacy Trust

Literacy Shed  - Online stories and ideas of how they can be utilised.

Phonics Play - Phonics games. All free currently.


Science Kids - Lots of games, quizzes and ideas for experiments

Science Bob - Ideas for home experiments

STEM - Lots of ideas for family activities


Whizzpopbang - Free science activities 



New member sign up - fill it in with an email and create a password.

Bare Foot Computing - Useful for computing curriculum

Communication for all - Mixture of resources for all subjects

ICT Games - Mixture of free resources for subjects

Primary Resources - Ideas for all subjects

Teaching Ideas - Ideas for all subjects


BBC - Lots of videos and activities for children to use to use at home on a range of topics


Kidzone - Educational worksheets for children 

Big Activities - Lots of fun puzzles and colouring worksheets

Scratch - Free to use and download coding program

Hour of Code - Coding activities that link to pop culture

Go Noodle - Learning games and short activities to get children moving

BBC Supermovers - Physical activities linked to Maths and English learning

Cosmic Kids - Yoga

Classroom Secrets

Espresso - lots of links and video clips for a range of subjects

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