Week Commencing 1st June 2020

Hi Year 6,

We hope you had a wonderful half term and enjoyed maybe trying something new, like learning a new skill, being creative or trying a new sport. This is the perfect time to get into a new hobby and really perfect those skills; Miss Kamudu has enjoyed trying some new yoga moves, Mrs Daniels has been learning some Spanish with her children, Mrs Griffin has been improving her gardening skills, Mr Jones has been crafting using pebbles and bark collected from walks, Mr Walter finished a video game on medium difficulty setting and is now trying to complete it again on hard and Mrs Powell has been improving her bread making skills.

Hopefully you had time to set up and complete your indoor or outdoor mini sports day and I’m sure you had lots of fun creating your own event – it would be fantastic to see some photos or videos of this. Thank you for the photos sent in of your gardens and near-by outside spaces via the school email, the Y6 teachers have loved seeing these – it really is such a beautiful time of year. Please continue to send us photos of your work and activities you have been enjoying whilst being at home to hello@gig-mill.dudley.sch.uk (remember to put Y6 in the email title/header).

It is a really important time to make sure you continue learning a little bit every day, ready for starting in Year 7. We are midway through our Made in the Midlands topic and hope you have enjoyed creating your own canal artwork, putting yourself in the shoes of a navvy and creating your own maps. There is a canal boat challenge to keep you busy this week, a new Science experiment to have a go at and a new exciting Maths App called EasiMaths (look out for it on your RM Unify launchpad, there are lots of fun, engaging activities to try) – we hope these keep you focused on your learning as you would be in school.

Purple Mash is a fantastic place for you to share any work with us – please log in via your RM Unify – we would really like to know about the APP you created; use one of the 2write templates to tell us all about it, remember to save your work – you’ll find the instructions by clicking on the ‘Work’ tab, Class, then 6K, 6J or 6DG, also look out for the ‘2dos.’ Don’t worry if you haven’t been on yet, there is still plenty of time to look! 

We are all really missing you all, please continue to keep safe and keep active.

Mrs Daniels, Miss Kamudu, Mrs Griffin, Mr Walter, Mr Jones and Mrs Powell.

Week Commencing 11th May 2020

Hello Year 6,

We hope that you enjoyed completing the activities we set for you last week and that taking part in the 75th anniversary celebrations of VE day with your family was fun. It’s been exciting to hear how you are getting on - receiving photographs, messages and examples of your super work. Remember to keep us updated by emailing the tasks you’ve completed to hello@gig-mill.dudley.sch.uk (please put Y6 in the email title/subject).  

This week in Geography we would like you to become a map detective and use all the skills you have developed. Examine the maps we have included (and any other examples you find) and use them to create a map of your own. We would also like you to research the reasons locks were originally invented.

Try to demonstrate to someone at home how they work - you could use illustrations or maybe even create a working model!  Remember to keep all the work you do on the local study in a folder and add to it each week. For Science, we would like you to use what you learnt about circuits last week, to create one on the lab simulation, to light a bulb. The bulb lights up yellow when it works, if you can do this, have a go at investigating what happens to the bulbs brightness when adding more bulbs. Throughout the week, try out some of the suggestions to get active; next week the year six teachers will be sharing with you the ways we have also been keeping fit and active. 

This week would have been SATs week and despite the tests not taking place this year, all of your hard work and learning is not wasted as it will be so important to you as you look ahead to starting secondary school. We think you’re all incredible - now just keep rising to the challenge of learning at home each day. 

Look after one another and have a great week. 

Mrs Daniels, Mrs Griffin, Mr Jones, Miss Kamudu, Mr Walter and
Mrs Powell 


Week Commencing 4th May 2020

Hi Year 6, 

Another week has gone by and we hope you are still managing to find some new ways to keep entertained. Did you see the video on our school website with many of the staff sending you a message? We hope you spotted us all; we are thinking about you all very much. 

How did you find the Art task we set for you last week? We would love to see some examples of the canal roses you’ve created. Send them to hello@gig-mill.dudley.sch.uk (Please put Y6 in the email title/subject). This week, we continue our IL topic – exploring more about local landmarks and the history behind them. It would be good to keep all the work you do on the local area in a folder to create a project that you can add to each week.  

We’ve set you some new reading tasks this week to add some variety to the texts you are reading at home as well as some physical challenges to keep you active. Remember you can also complete pages in any of your Year 6 CGP books that you have at home with you.  

This week, we'd also like to invite you and your family to join in the celebrations for the 75th anniversary of VE Day, which is happening on Friday 8th May. Please click on the link on the school website homepage or here.  

We know lots of you will be spending more time on your devices than ever before so don’t forget all that we’d learnt in school about staying safe online and being kind to each other at all times. 

Stay safe and keep smiling, 

Mrs Daniels, Mrs Griffin, Mr Jones, Miss Kamudu, Mr Walter and
Mrs Powell 


Week Commencing 27th April 2020

Hello Year 6!  

We hope you are all keeping yourselves and your family safe and making sure that you look after each other whilst you are at home.  

When we wereat school, we know how hard you were all working and we are so proud of everything you’ve achieved this year. We have put together some activities that we thought you might enjoy doing this week - it really helps to have some structure to our days when we are at home.  

We are really excited to introduce our new topic, Made in the Midlands. Each week, we will include some new tasks, which will help you learn more about the history of our local area.

This week, we have an art activity – looking at a traditional art form often used on canal boats. It would be great if you could also look at the other tasks we’ve set, including a chance to start creating your own app.  


Although it is important that you keep your brain working on Maths, English and SPaG, please make sure that you are having some free time: staying active, being creative and spending time with your family. Stay safe and keep smiling! 

Why not send us a picture of your artwork or of a meal you have ‘collaborated’ on? You can use our new email address hello@gig-mill.dudley.sch.uk 

Miss Kamudu, Mrs Daniels, Mrs Griffin, Mrs Powell, 
Mr Jones & Mr Walter 


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